Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues,

It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the 2nd Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation China 2020 (ISIA China 2020), to be held on January 8-9th, in Shanghai, China.

Big data, analytics and AI have already been changing the entire insurance value chain, from actuary to marketing, underwriting, claims, customer services and etc. Innovations are happening everywhere around the world.

The global insurance analytics market is expected to grow from $6.63 billion this year to $11.96 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 12.5% during the period. And China is expected to be one of the fastest growing insurance analytics markets in the world with its huge insurance market and active adoption of new technologies.

While there are still a lot of challenges to overcome in order to turning insurance analytics and AI strategies and plans into practices.

The 2nd Insurance Analytics and AI Innovation China 2020, held by IIC and based on the great success of previous insurance events, is the only international insurance analytics conference in China and it’s designed to gather the whole industry players to explore the latest trends and to share the best practices both home and abroad in applying insurance big data, analytics and AI. We expect the event to inspire more innovations and to help to turn strategies into practices.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of the 2nd Insurance Analytics and AI Innovation China 2020

Event at a Glance

Session 1: Global Innovations in Insurance Analytics and AI

Panel Discussion: Application of Insurance Analytics and AI- Major Problems and Solutions

Session 2: Insurance Product and Pricing with Data, Analytics & AI

Session 3: Data Analytics & AI in Insurance Marketing and Distribution

Session 4: Use Cases of Big Data, Analytics & AI in Insurance Operation and Risk Management

Panel Discussion: How will Big Data, Analytics and AI Change the Insurance Value Chain?

Session 5: Advanced Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Technologies and Solutions for Insurance

Session 6: To a Customer-Centric Insurance Future