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Event Background

    In recent years, driven by the industry internal needs and external forces, the application of insurance big data analysis and artificial intelligence has been adopted by more and more insurers to cope with the business challenges in the data era. Product design and actuarial, customer analysis and insight, claims analysis and optimization, customer service improvement and promotion, internal management improvement and risk control-big data analysis and artificial intelligence are disrupting the value chain of the insurance industry on a global scale.

    As the world's second largest insurance market and one of the largest insurtech markets, China has a remarkable performance in the application of technologies represented by big data and AI. It is expected that the annual growth rate of big data analysis in china insurance market will be higher than the global average level CAGR 12.5% in the next five years. At the same time, we also note that the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has played a strong role in promoting the application of big data and AI in the insurance industry. How to seize the opportunity to effectively put big data analysis and AI strategies and plans into practice is still a challenge for many industry participants at present and in the future.

    The 3rd Insurance Analytics and AI Innovation China 2020, held by IIC and based on the great success of previous editions, is the only international insurance analytics conference in China and it’s designed to gather the whole industry players to explore the latest trends and to share the best practices both home and abroad in applying insurance big data, analytics and AI. We expect the event to help you feel the pulse of industry development, inspire more innovations and boost your strategy implementation.


Key Topics

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  • Global innovations in insurance analytics and AI
  • Insurance analytics and AI development in China
  • The practices and use cases of insurance analytics and AI in oversea market
  • Insurance Evolving in the Age of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and AI
  • What can Big Data and AI do in an epidemic outbreak period
  • Insurance product and pricing with data, analytics and AI
  • AIoT helps insurance products and pricing innovation
  • Data collection and behavioral analysis in insurance pricing
  • How to navigate the new data landscape?
  • Development of life insurance product with priority pricing
  • Integration and application of medical big data: connect customers, data and systems
  • Data analytics and AI in insurance marketing and distribution
  • AI and machine learning in insurance telemarketing
  • AI-based sales agent management
  • Use cases of big data, analytics and AI in insurance operation and risk management
  • Dynamic and automated underwriting
  • Leverage the connected data to enhance underwriting and claims
  • Cybersecurity and Insurance in the post digital era
  • Intelligent automation in claims forecasting
  • Machine learning + data analytics for insurance fraud detection
  • Unstructured data analysis in claim management
  • Advanced data science, AI technologies and solutions for insurance
  • Customer services upgrade under open ecology
  • AI assists customer service
  • Compliance risk management and customer privacy protection in the digital age
  • Driving the implementation of Artificial Intelligence across the business
  • Creating a data-driven enterprise at scale and speed
  • How to transform Advanced Analytics into a competitive advantage?
  • More Hot Topics…

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