Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Global Smart Mobility Summit China 2018, we have the greatest honor to invite you and your company to join this event. The summit will be held on June 28-29 in Beijing, China.

The global and China smart mobility market are growing fast, pushed by dynamics in consumer mobility needs, advanced mobility system and smart supporting technologies. From Taxi to Car-renting, Car-sharing and Bike-sharing, to future Shared Autonomous Vehicle, Mobility Services are becoming more intelligent, which means smart technologies are welcomed to enable efficient and convenience mobility with more value-added services.

Global Smart Mobility Summit China 2018 is the only global mobility summit to explore China mobility demands and initiatives, learn different business models and strategies from mobility leaders, emerging mobility and transportation technologies, together with current and future commercialization strategies, which will gather 200+ smart mobility leaders from mobility operator, platform, investor, manufacturer, technology and service provider.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of Global Smart Mobility Summit China 2018


Session 1: Global Perspectives on Smart Mobility Trends

Session 2: Smart Mobility Leader’s Experience Sharing: Business Models and Strategies

Session 3: Grasping Mobility Market Potentials for Growth

Session 4: Landscape of Future Mobility