Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to attend the 5th East & Southern Africa Gas & LNG Conference 2020 (GAS-ESA 2020). This conference will be organized on New Dates To Be Confirmed, in Maputo, Mozambique.

5th East & Southern Africa Gas & LNG Conference 2020 is the best platform to meet the key GOVs & Operators from East & Southern Africa, and grasp the latest growth opportunities in major LNG, pipeline and terminal projects in this region. Besides, the co-location arrangement with 5th East & Southern Africa Deepwater conference 2020 will enlarge your network within this region, as well as enrich your knowledge about the regions’ offshore & deepwater development to better evaluate this gas market potential.

We welcome all the gas professionals to join GAS-ESA 2020 to exactly evaluate East & Southern Africa gas potentials from upstream, midstream to downstream.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of 5th East & Southern Africa Gas & LNG Conference 2020


Session 1 Exploring Upcoming Oil & Gas Potentials in ESA Countries

Session 2 Pursuing Enabling Implementation Strategies for ESA Projects

Session 3 Latest Progress and Plans for ESA’s Deepwater Projects

Session 4 Showcasing Innovative and Digital Deepwater Technologies

Looping in 300+ professionals within gas industry around the world, GAS-ESA 2020 will provide a valuable opportunity for international players to network with the local community and more clearly & exactly grasp the updated information about ESA gas development policies, regulation frameworks, projects and engagement strategies from industry experts.


  • Government, Regulator, Association
  • LNG Investors, Developers and Operators
  • LNG Exporters and Importers
  • Engineering and Construction Service Providers
  • LNG & FLNG & LNG Terminal Technology Providers
  • LNG & FLNG & LNG Terminal Equipment and Service Providers
  • LNG Transportation Service Providers
  • Financing/Consulting/Accounting/Law Service Providers
  • Others