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Two Decades of Evolution of SAIC GM Onstar: From Safety Tools to Data Centers
      At the end of March, 2016, the "2025 car union strategy", issued by the SAIC General Motor, indicated, from this year, the three major series of SAIC General Motor would update a new generation of connected vehicle systems, Onstar as the main player would provide various services. With no doubt, with the supporting of big data analysis and AI technology, the new service system of smart car life built by SAIC will inevitably become the gateway to the next generation of connected Car.
SAIC Motor Has Confirmed to Attend Digital Automotive Congress 2018
      Intellectualization and Connectivity have become one of the most important trends in the future development of automobile industry. Whether you are OEMS, T1&T2 Suppliers, Technology Companies or Internet Companies, it seems that the Internet is one of the core areas for developing connected car. And the key to connected car is big data analysis. As one of the world's leading Internet service providers, SAIC GM’s Onstar has long occupied the commanding heights of the connected car. Based on these background, by analyzing and collecting big data, such as the users’using habits, driving habits, the vehicles status and, Onstar find the needs of users in order to upgrade the corresponding products, striving to build the best customer service experience.


      With the gradual saturation of the domestic automobile market, the rapid development of the connected cars has become one of the breakthroughs of the automobile industry with high expectations. Compared with other traditional car companies, SAIC, has no doubt, is at the forefront of the connected car industry. At present, Onstar has rapidly occupied and expanded the global market with various services such as auto rescue, entertainment, navigation, information and voice interaction.


      Digital Automotive Congress (DAC) 2018(Jun.5-6 | Shanghai, China) is now getting more and more registrations from Automakers, IT & Software companies, Connectivity suppliers, AI, Network & Telecommunication companies, etc. We are thrilled to inform you that the Early Bird Discountis available!!! Tickets areLimitedso catch this opportunity now to SAVE up to $300. This Congress is #1 International Subversive Congress in Rebuilding the Whole Automotive Industry.DAC China 2018 will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the digital innovations happening around and will happen in the coming years in the automobile market of China.

      不到一周的时间,2018汽车产业数字化峰会已经迎来了众多整车商,IT软件公司,人工智能,网络通信公司等业内企业的踊跃报名。本次峰会的早鸟票优惠现已启动 (最高优惠1000元人民币),数量有限,欲购从速,你还在等什么?快来报名吧!此次峰会是国际性具有颠覆汽车产业革命的一场盛宴,将为您提供最全面的创新案例分享,也帮您预见未来几年内中国数字化汽车发展变革的新趋势。

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Relevant Topics相关话题
Insight the Automotive Digitalization Revolution  深度洞察汽车产业数字化革命
Big Data
Intelligent-connected Car
Digital Supply Chain
Digital Manufacturing
Customized Consumption
Agenda at a Glance 会议概览

Plenary Forum


Session 1: The Value of Digital Strategy
主题一: 汽车数字化战略的现实与未来
Session 2: What is New Business Models in Digital Era?
主题二: 数字时代新商业模式探讨
Session 3: What are the Enablers that Drive Digital Transformation
主题三: 大数据挖掘推进智慧交通建设
Jan. 6th
Sub-Forum 1: Manufacturing in the Digital Era

分论坛1: 汽车数字化制造
Session 1: Reconstruct Intelligent Assembly Line-Digital Factory
主题一: 打造智能流水线——数字化工厂建设
Session 2: Digital Technology in Body Manufacturing
主题二: 车身数字化解决方案
Session 3: Consumer Customization in Digital Times
主题三: 数字化背景下的消费者定制
Jan. 6th
Sub-Forum 2: Rethink the Supply Chain in Digital Era

Session 1: Rethink the Applications and Management of Big Data
主题一: 大数据应用与管理再定义
Session 2: The Program of Process Optimization
主题二: 流程优化方案
Session 3: The Application of the Computing Technology-AI
主题三: 计算机技术的引入——人工智能

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