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1.您的标志将展示在所有的宣传材料,包括会刊、背景板、易拉宝和其他印刷广告出版物; 作为媒体合作方,在会议官方网站展现您的标志并且友情链接到网站进行宣传;
Your Logo to be displayed on all the promotion materials including fax packages, color glossy brochures, banners, advertisements and event publications; Free logo exposure in official website with auto link to your website;


A shared-table to distribute your publications and brochures

3.可提供会议电子邮件中的媒体广告位,发送给10000+专业订阅者 ;

Free email campaign by our promotional email blast and newsletter updating twice every month to approximately 1,0000 individuals targeted by our marketing and sales teams.

成为CMO Congress Asia 2018的媒体合作伙伴,我们将最大程度的提供推广机会给您的目标受众。