Event Background

Dear Distinguished Guest:

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am honored to invite you to the CMO Congress Asia 2018. The congress will be held on May 17-18, 2018 in Shanghai, China.

With billions of population and high-speed economic growth, Asia has become the world's most dynamic area. To link with the huge but diverse groups of clients in Asia is extremely important for all brand owners and solutions providers. In the meanwhile, China continues to be the largest market in Asia with ever increasing economy.

Under the background of consumption upgrade and enterprise digitalization, The CMOs, marketing leaders and other C level leaders are facing great opportunity and challenge in Asia and China. Innovation and reconstitution for brand and marketing has taken place through new mindsets and technologies. The congress will gather the relevant leaders from various industries to discuss the highlights on digital transformation,

We sincerely look forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best Regards,

CMO Congress Asia 2018

Agenda at a Glance


  • 0900 How can CMO prepare for digital transformation in Asia?
  • 0930 CMO insights from the US:connected consumers in the digital and sharing age
  • 1000 CMO insights from the Europe: what makes an extraordinary and long-lasting brand?
  • 1030 Coffee Break
  • 1100 CMO Insights from Middle East:Reach the wide range of consumers in the fast-moving world
  • 1130 Build the seamless E-commerce platform in SEA countries.
  • 1200 CMO Insights from India:In the mobile age, how to connect yourclients with the creativity and imagination?
  • 1230 Luncheon
  • Session 2: The unique and fascinating China

  • 1400 CMO Insights from China: The consumers of the unique Greater China region.
  • 1430 How to get the further Insights into the consumers of Generation-Z?
  • 1500 New retail Era:omni-channel marketing in China
  • 1530 Coffee Break
  • 1600 Panel Discussion: digital solutions and cases for brand in Asia and China
  • 1700 How can B2B enterprises in China embrace the digital transformation?
  • 1730 How can multinational companies develop and win in the huge China market?
  • 1800 KOL and Live Stream: connecting the brands and consumers.
  • End of Day One

    Forum 1: Transformation and Growth

  • 0900 Redefine the CMO:transformation and growth
  • 0930 Roadmap to strategic CMO leadership
  • 1000 How can new technology drives the sales growth?
  • 1030 Coffee Break
  • 1100 Panel Discussion:How can CMO ensure the sustainable growth for enterprises in the digital age?
  • 1200 Solutions for branders ‘ transformation and growth in Asia
  • 1230 Luncheon
  • 1400 Resource and Target: CMO budget investigation
  • 1430 How to maximize ROI to ensure the growth?
  • 1500 Big Data Drives Digital Transformation and Growth
  • 1530 CoffeeBreak
  • 1600 Best practice for digital transformation and growth in SMEs
  • 1630 Growth strategy for cross-border e-commerce players in Asia.
  • 1700 The supply chain and business model innovation in the new retail area.
  • 1730 Excellent IT architecture drives enterprise’s growth
  • Forum 2: Brand and Marketing

  • 0900 CMO Insights: how to create seamless customer experience in the mobile and digital age?
  • 0930 The new OTT marketing mode and its impact on branders
  • 1000 From price to value: The brand transformation by CMO
  • 1030 Coffee Break
  • 1100 Panel Discussion:Content and technology innovation for digital marketing in Asia
  • 1200 Excellent SCRM:closer connections drives the customer loyalty
  • 1230 Luncheon
  • 1400 CMO in the integration age for market, PR, media and advertising.
  • 1430 SaaS and its impact on marketing in the digital age.SaaS
  • 1500 Brand upgrade in the digital era
  • 1530 CoffeeBreak
  • 1600 The power of IP and its impact on brands
  • 1630 The new marketing scene under the consumption upgrade
  • 1700 Best practice of content marketing for the new generation consumers in Asia
  • 1730 The power of personalized social media in the mobile age
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  • a.Global insights and case sharing: US, Europe, Middle East, SEA, India, Greater China…
  • 全球视野与案例分享:美国、欧洲、中东、东南亚、印度、大中华区......
  • b.Transformation and Growth: the next stop for Asia’s C-level leaders in digital age?
  • 转型与增长:数字化时代,亚洲的首席X官们何去何从?
  • c.80% Decision-makers of Brand Owners:networking and cooperation with giants from various industries.
  • 80%占比的品牌主高层决策人员: 与各行业大咖们的沟通合作机会。
  • Food and Beverages
  • 食品饮料
  • B2B Companies
  • B2B公司
  • Luxuries and Jewelries
  • 奢侈珠宝
  • Apparel
  • 服装
  • Digital Marketing/ Consulting/ Media/ Ads
  • 数字营销/咨询/传媒/广告
  • Software and Solutions
  • 软件/方案
  • High-tech Companies
  • 高科技公司
  • Home Appliances
  • 家电
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • 医药
  • FMCG and Cosmetics
  • 快消日化
  • Hospitality and Travelling
  • 酒店旅游
  • ...