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Government Relations

In today’s competitive market, organizations are turning to all three branches of government to create, administer and interpret laws and regulations in order to foster growth, meet their policy and fiscal goals, and generally remain vibrant in their sector. Our Public Policy and Government Relations Practice provides effective solutions and creates opportunities for clients seeking to impact policy and decision-making or engage in business with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government.

Through direct consultancy and relationship building, we support our clients and their solutions with elected government officials possessing China governmental experience and knowledge; we plan and produce tailored campaigns to achieve our clients' goals in China.

Business Government Relations has been representing business interests to government for over three decades. We advocate our client’s perspective within the legislative debate as well as before regulatory agencies concerning standards, rule development, and compliance issues. Our clients include more than one-dozen companies on the Fortune 500 list, plus dozens more associations, organizations and businesses of all types and sizes.

We assist our clients in anticipating and managing legislative and regulatory transactions. Within evolving and shifting public policy agendas we work to establish our client’s perspectives and positions as valid elements in the market-place of ideas. We emphasize networking and coalition building among similar interests.

Success is based upon our knowledge of the legislative environment and the administrative processes of regulation, our professional understanding of the issues we represent, familiarity with the concerns and station of decision makers, our reputation for credibility, experience and expertise and, the strength of our advocacy. Business Government Relations presents a unique ability to span the borders of business and government because of our understanding and experience within both areas. The long-standing relationships we have forged with our clients – for more than a decade in many cases – are a testament to our value. Our success stories and testimonials demonstrate our effectiveness at achieving the results our clients demand.

We understand government relation's function within an organization, and our role is to help our clients get connected. Our firm knows the steps to take, the pitfalls to avoid and the key decision makers to press. Whether you need long-term strategic development with your issue or instant crisis management, we know how to do what needs to be done.

We monitor the legislative process, administration policies and proposed agency rules, anticipating the potential consequences on our clients’ businesses or membership and keep them informed though newsletters, e-mail updates and seminars. More importantly, we help our clients respond to pending changes with a broad range of services including preparation of comments, testimony, and proposed legislation; and by facilitating communication with elected and administration officials.

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