With the continuous development of China's economy, people's living standards and income levels have improved significantly. Meanwhile, people's worries about future medical expenses have increased due to factors such as environment and work pressure. Coupled with the rapid spread of the Internet and extensive education, health and health insurance has changed from "implicit demand" to "explicit demand". Data show that the premiums of the health insurance industry have been increasing steadily, with a compound growth rate of more than 30% in the past five years, which is significantly higher than other insurance products in the same period. Great changes have taken place in the structure of health insurance products, the connotation of services and the insurant. Driven by changes in population structure and medical structure, health insurance has entered a golden growth period. It has become an important part of the national multi-level medical security system and an important field for the insurance industry to serve the people's livelihood.

    At the same time, in recent years, a series of national industry favorable policies have been enacted. On December 1, 2019, the measures for the administration of health insurance issued by the CBIRC came into effect. The regulatory authorities made necessary revisions to the definition and classification of health insurance, product specifications and supervision, sales and operation supervision, health management cooperation, as well as IT and health insurance. The new policy has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the health insurance industry and provided more business development space for industry participants.

    However, we still need to be fully aware that how to make full use of policy dividends, increase investment in technology, expand cooperation ecology, and innovate products is still a challenge for industry players.

    Based on the great success and good evaluation of previous editions, the 4th China health insurance innovation summit will continue to build this excellent networking platform for health insurance industry players. This summit aims to gather the whole industry to discuss the latest trends and share best practices in health insurance product innovation, technology application and business operations at home and abroad. We expect this summit to help industry participants feel the pulse of industry developments, inspire more innovation and drive business growth.

Key Topics

  • Implementing the industrial new policy to power Healthy China 2030
  • Important role of health insurance in the multi-level medical security system
  • Analysis on the risk of emergent infectious diseases and health insurance under epidemic situation
  • The impact of new crown pneumonia on health insurance
  • "Insurance + health management" creates differentiated products and personalized services
  • How can an aging society exploit insurance opportunities?
  • Practice sharing of digital health insurance in Europe
  • The whole process health management based on data and the construction of health insurance business system
  • Best-practice in managing and mitigating fraud in health insurance
  • Internet health insurance: customer acquiring channel , cost control and profit path
  • Opportunities for health insurance in aging market – taking cancer insurance as an example
  • Expanding the value chain of health insurance -- the present situation and prospect of large health insurance under mutual system
  • How AI is Impacting Health Insurance Operation
  • Wearable technologies – simplifying the healthcare experience and improving treatment adherence
  • Innovative health insurance products and solutions for chronic diseases
  • How to resolve financing difficulties of the long - term care insurance
  • Beyond Million Medical Insurance - small and medium-sized companies health insurance product innovation
  • Analysis on the expansion and innovation of health insurance value system -from the perspective of Internet medical service provider
  • Opportunity and innovation of health insurance under the background of new medical reform
  • How can the public hospital system achieve a win-win situation with commercial insurance?
  • Life cycle management: the practice of combining mobile medicine with health management
  • Enrollment, premium collection, and claims processing, through easy to use apps – innovating core insurance services
  • More Hot Topics…

Why you can not miss ?

  • Accumulated History: Join Us in the Best Established 4th Edition Annual Leading Event Centering on “Health Insurance Innovation”
  • Authoritative Interpretation: Depth Profiling Latest Health Insurance Regulations and Exploring Marketing Opportunities
  • To discuss the influence of new crown pneumonia on health insurance and its enlightenment
  • Hottest Topic: Catching Up With Innovative Advances and Dynamics in the Fields of Cost Containment & DRG Payment System, Product Development, Customer Engagement Disruptive Technologies & Services, Risk Management as well as Health Industry Integration,etc.
  • Higher-ups Gathered: Learning How to Do Your Business from Experiences Sharing & Case Study of Both Successful International Practices and Local Trials, Inspiring your Strategy Implementation
  • Deepin Forum: Benefit from 2 Parallel-Forums in Day Two Morning Focusing on Innovations in Product Development and Cross-Border Collaboration. Comprehensive analysis of AI, Big data, Mobile Internet, Medical Technology and Other Technologies in the Whole Process of Health Insurance Innovation, Multi-case Study to Show the Success of Cross-field Cooperation Under the Big Health Ecology.
  • Top Players:Gathering more than 350 Chinese Health Insurance Market Players at home and abroad, Including Professional Health Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Companies, Pension Insurance Companies, Property Insurance companies, Reinsurance Companies and a series of Medical Service Providers and Health Management Service Providers.

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