Dear colleagues,

Big data creates great wisdom.

Digital Times is coming. The 13th Five-Year Plan put forward,” Implementation of the national big data strategy, promote data resources opening and sharing”. Big data is becoming the driven power of social economics. Automotive industry is transforming from all aspects in such atmosphere. New technologies have changed the future mobility: intelligent, connected, autonomous……digitalization and big data is playing a more and more important role.

Consumption escalated the development of big data. Meanwhile, in January, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China printed The Development Path of Big Data 2016-2020. It points out,Implementing the national big data strategy to better serve social and economic developmentand improve people's lives should be accelerated. Digitalization has become a big focus in the future several years and it has changed the whole automotive industry chain also in digital times. We are facing how to adopt the changes brought by digitalization.

Welcome to join us to insight into the future trends, discuss the solutions, and grasp the opportunities.

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Organizing committee of Digital Automotive Congress 2018


Session 1 The Value of Digital Strategy

The Interpretation of National Big Data Strategy and Digital Automotive Policy

The Impact of the Digital Trends in Chinese Market and Auto Industry

Intelligent-Connected Car in Digital Times

MaaS: Digitized Drives the Future Way Moves

Session 2 What is New Business Modes?

Digital Marketing Strategy and New Retail Formats for Automotive

Car Digital Revolution and Consumption Upgrade - Customized Consumption

Session 3 What are the Enablers that Drive Digital Transformation

Dig out Big Data Push Smart Transportation Built

Big Data and Data Analyzing for Connectivity

The Application of AI Technology for Digital Transformation

The Importance of 5G to Data Communication

Panel Discussion: The Options of Travel Modes in New Digital Economic Times

Sub-forum1: Manufacturing in the Digital Era

Session1 Reconstruct Intelligent Assembly Line

The Construction of Digital Development Platform
The Solutions of Digital Factory
Digital Manufacturing-Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
The Status of Discrete Manufacturing Upgrading and Quality Control

Session2 Digital Technology in Body Manufacturing

Information Management System to Enhance the Efficiency of Material Management
Digital of Body Structure - Topology Optimization Analysis
Process Digitization - Application of Numerical Simulation
Digital Model for Vehicle Performance Testing
Technology Optimization and Custom Analysis: A Balanced Approach to Cost and Customization Capabilities

Session3 Consumer Customization in a Digital Times

Panel Discussion: Seek for the Digital Manufacturing Path for Mass Customization

Sub-forum2: Rethink the Supply Chain in Digital Era

Session1:The Applications and Management of Big Data

Digging the Value of Real-time Data - for Now or the Future?
Data Collection and Information Management in Supply Chain
Rely on Big Data to Optimize Resource Management

Session 2: The Program of Process Optimizaiton

The Design for Digital Supply Chain System
The Management of Visual Supply Chain
Digital Structure Optimizes Supplier Relationship Management
Cross-sectoral Collaboration to Achieve Supply Chain Automation
The Transformation of Consumer-oriented Purchase and Delivery Process

Session3: The Application of the Computing Technology

M2M to Improve Comprehensive Equipment Efficiency
Cognitive Technology into the Supply Chain